Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Trip Into Understanding

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There are times when we try putting together life’s puzzles, assigning the pieces as neatly and securely as we can, into a box of our own subjective thinking; a box that hasn’t any room for fresh interpretation. The analysis is so in sync with the cerebral brain that we fail to enjoy the epiphanies that are present especially when the pieces of the puzzle seem not to fit as we think they should…if our narrative comes together, we call it a miracle, if not we’re disgruntled. We tend not to appreciate that in the perforations of this chaos there are considerations waiting for our attention. It is only when we trip into overload from this temporal way of thinking, thus spilling forth into the mysteries, do we expand our thoughts into the universe of a higher understanding. It is then, I come to realize that what I don’t know is more than I thought I knew and I’ll never know it all. Thus, I stand blessed and open to all there is on the road of perception raining down in the pale moonlight. This is mindfulness at its best, waiting to hand you something you didn’t have an inkling you were in need of.

Au palais de la sagesse


And why not a song… just because!

9 thoughts on “Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Trip Into Understanding

  1. Jeff, you have excelled yourself, both in your lyrical prose and with the ..soo beautiful song. – Je suis de’sole’ . ..just because..
    You let the boxes open from overload so we can be open to receive what we didn’t have an inkling we needed. I just want to copy the whole piece and have saved the song – oh, I stole away with the necklace.:) Pardon.:)
    By the way, a while ago I wrote a poem on the theme of boxes. I do detest them..

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  2. This is a terrific post. How often don’t we put all our expectations into something and then only gain disappointment when it doesn’t work out and along the way miss out on new experiences / learning. When younger I thought I had to learn absolutely everything and got stressed as I tried so hard. Once I had the epiphany that this was not the case, I relaxed and thereby learnt and lived so much more and on a deeper level. Sorry for the rambling, I feel I’m not making any sense here! Great song as always, a delight to play as I’m typing away.

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    1. Thank you! The rambling is wonderful. It is true, we try and do the impossible and then we’re disappointed because we can’t. It is when the pieces won’t fit, that’s where the treasure lies.

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  3. I found comfort in this. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts during these challenging times. I agree that every enigma is an opportunity to understand things from a different perspective.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad my post shed a little understanding in these times. This is something I have to keep reminding myself of as it is easy to slip into the same old groove.


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