An Enlighten Rogue







We enter here we enter there
The road ahead, it never cares
There’s a turn for you, a turn for me
A turn for all who care to see

Like Perceval in knightly garb
A precious fool who questions naught
Like the fisher and his wasteful land
We live in shame at what we’ve had

Comes the day we ride the night
A single color in our sight
Only to guess what we’ve become
A little too human at what we’ve done

As Dylan asked is it a sin
To know and feel too much within
In Castles of Sand we shed our skin
From child to adult to child again

A Nobel Heart is all we need
To ask a question, what ails you please?
Compassion rings, our kingdom comes
The earth and sky are joined as one

So never wonder why we are
Or what purpose is our stay
For every thread is part of the cloth
As love will mend all wayward hearts

for my father

© JC


23 thoughts on “An Enlighten Rogue

  1. A deep and warm poem JC. thank you. We do indeed get many turns in the road to
    choose from. Your last two stanzas in particular rings so strong within me.
    How true and comforting.


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    1. Thank you for your kind words and blessed be to you.The last line of the last stanza troubled me. I couldn’t find the correct rhythm of words. I left it alone for a while and then clicked it on and it came to me. The muse sometimes needs a break I guess. -JC



      1. Funny, this happened to me yesterday. The poem was flowing like water and suddenly! Total stop.
        Today I looked at it and suddenly, there came the last stanzas.
        I think I have an Impish muse.:)
        Keep well

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  2. I appreciate so much all your writings in this blog.I was diagnosed PD last July 9,and I feel like my whole world is reduced to pieces.I’m so depressed and scary,even for an old man 62 years old, as I am.Hope you are doing well.I hear a lot about people in his 70’s or 80’s with 15 years into the disease doing fairly well, and still independent.Like Andy Grove , ex INTEL’s CEO.But fear is a stubborn wild animal to fight!!!My best wishes and God bless you.Fabrizio

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    1. Thanks for reading my work. I to know the depression and fear. For me, walking helps. I’ll take a four-mile hike, for its good to feel something else in my body and not just the tremors. Yes, there are many that lead active lives with PD. I’m getting ready to do a month long clinical trial for a new medication. I’m going to write about the experience on this blog. This may be something you’ll want to do if you haven’t yet. Please feel free to write if you’d like to talk. Good wishes and God bless… JC


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