Blessed Be (Run-On)

MXINEOS8OV“I was seeing in a sacred manner”        -Black Elk

One day with an attitude of indifference I decided to go for a walk as an ominous and hauntingly beautiful sky was turning a deeper shade of purple through the autumnal trees brushed by a northerly wind as leaves danced in mid-air; the kind of day where everyone thinks if it was a little colder, it would surely snow and I thought the same thing as I turned to walk toward the woods and made my way to the old wooden bridge that crossed over a lazy stream where I laid a sacred rock from the good earth upon the railing; a sacred altar looking down at the gently flowing water caressing rocks and fallen branches; calling for a prayer of guidance, thanks and peace thus surfacing from my mind along with a random thought; why do dogs seem to look my way or howl in my direction on any given day as though we were both custodian to a great secret, maybe it’s because… but the answer melted back into the dark sea of my psyche 28Q8BZ41ZUfor another time as a warm embrace surrounded my face for at that moment over the tree line the sun appeared, gold and majestic like a big rubber ball reminding me of the fiery ring of Shiva dancing in time which possessed me to chant ‘Om’, the sound of God personified in the temporal universe, alternating ‘Alleluia’ to the Christ, for the sun king Ra has appeared compliments of Helios and his trusted steeds lighting the sky as a lotus blossom rising from the muddy waters of Lake Pontchartrain and the moment was even more transcendent for I heard the sound of a soccer ball being kicked as though it was a sacred drum made of the hide of a sanctioned holy animal willingly giving its life to become part of a ritual of unpretentious prayer, music and dance displayed by a lost tribe from a Peruvian river valley guiding the sun irrevocably each day over the mountainous horizon as they have done for millennium, a sacred purpose in their lives and as the sun disappeared behind the clouds I saw patches of green appear in the skyD6CAF90368 between the maze of branches filled with leaves of red, gold and brown blinking on and off against the purple and blue atmosphere melting into each other for “blessed be” the sky is dancing and all the while I walked along but not alone in this coat like comfort from above and if you think I gazed at the evening star for too long at one time, I beg your pardon, maybe I didn’t look long enough!

Thanks to Tolstoy for the inspiration!

© 2015 JC

5 thoughts on “Blessed Be (Run-On)

  1. A wonderful praise to the sacredness of nature. Every words sings poetically
    and true. I so understand you and can tell that a few days ago I wrote a poem
    called “My Temple” about the retreat we have in the forest , by a lake.

    And no, we need to keep gazing at that evening star.

    Love the quote also by Black Elk.
    Thank you J.C.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. Black Elk would have loved your reply. He was a big proponent of the sacredness of nature,”What man does to the earth, he does to himself, as the earth is our brother and we are all connected in this web of life”.

      I would love to read your poem!


      1. It would be a pleasure to let you read my poem J.C. Have you got my e-mail address?
        I feel you are walking the same road as Black Elk……maybe fate will one day let me meet him too.

        Liked by 1 person

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