The Trickster

128px-Court_jester_stockholm“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite -William Blake

Indeed where would life be without the antagonist…the Trickster? You know, the one who trips up our plans only to behold life’s victories disguised in its darkness? I guess we all have a bit of the lost boys in us as we ponder our inward travels on the night sea. For the path is truly like that of the ocean and her currents, waves, and storms as lightning taking thunder by the hand provides a hint in real time to an impending disaster or so we think. But it is only through our own personal Captain Hook or some of the other many disguises of the Trickster, that we might find our way at all. Such is the dark night of the soul as the villain is found to be the key master to the very doors of our own calling. A front to a deeper understanding. So have patients with this Jester, after all he is a result of something hidden deep within, of needs denied that will one day get their due.

© 2015 JC

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