A Magic Window

IMG_1143God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”  -Martin Luther

Everyone needs a magic window, a window to pray by, to meditate by, or to just say hey by… a window to gaze up at the stars and wonder why by, a window looking out over the backyard to make peace with the day by. This is a thin place; where the veil between the material and spiritual world is most transparent allowing a glimpse into the other side.

Kneeling or sitting by the window in the dark or with a lite candle, arms crossed over the sill. Open the window and a blast of cold air rushes in as you shiver. But this chill warms the heart, as the evening’s set for magic. At other times of the year, it could be a rainstorm or a warm southern breeze greeting you upon the ceremonial opening.

And what of the friends waiting for you on the other side of this magic window! An owl perched on the branch of an oak ready to dispense her advice for another evening; an eagle calling his mate in the distance where the earth and sky embrace. Or a squirrel scampering for one more acorn before winter sets in. What else is heard pushing through newly fallen leaves, the neighbors black cat or an unknown presence visiting from long ago? And you intuitively know that everything you see in this land of evermore has a deeper more profound meaning. 

What would I do if I had such a window? Why I’d question and wonder about everything under the heavens and beyond the stars and when I found the answers, I would ask even more questions as such contemplations seem to ensure. But most of all I’d sit in reverence within the moment, a total at-one-meant with everything I see and feel.

And what of this magic? Why it’s the same magic that brought you into this world. The same that gave you your first kiss. The same that got you through the death of your father. The same magic that gives us the moon and stars and the heavens above. It is here and a million miles away at the same time. It speaks to us but yet is silent. It is a part and is the whole of everything.

Yes, everyone needs a magic window, a threshold to everything that is and will ever be.

26 thoughts on “A Magic Window

  1. “But most of all I would sit in reverence of the moment”. Wonderfully written as is the whole posting. Love the paragraph about the magic too. Thank you.
    Didn’t know that Martin Luther was so profound and poetic. Love that quote

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    1. Thanks for the comment and for liking my post, ‘A Magic Window.’ I was just over at your site and it is different, but I like it. I couldn’t stop reading. Also, the artwork is very good.


      1. Thank you, My page doesn’t have proper theme per se, though I attempt to convey the internal struggle between light and darkness. Obviously, I cling to the light, but that does not stop the whispering darkness. If that makes any sense. Soon I’ll end up paying money to get my own URL and ultimately more control of how content is presented. I do appreciate you looking at my writing though! Cheers friend!


  2. Wow, JC… that is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have read all day (and I’ve read a lot today!) Makes me long for my own magic mirror 🙂


      1. I think I still had the magic mirror from Romper Room on my mind from the other day…lol. That’s too funny that it was originally a mirror though… Wow.


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