6:00 AM







Dawn is approaching, 6 AM
The animals are stirring… feed us!
I hobble out of bed to let Zack out
It’s nice out here
I should have coffee on the porch
I tuck this away, go inside and lock the door.
But this morning is different
I needn’t be so mechanical
A hot cup in hand as I enter into the pre-dawn chill
My four legged friend at my side
He is amazed and excited
I’m not telling him to go back to bed.

I bath in the stillness, only dawns light is moving
The familiar cadence of crickets in the distance
Birds are calling out, they want breakfast too
Flowers are starting to bloom in spring colors
The world is in the raw
Before it becomes what we think it should be.

I hear a car horn breaking the spell
The voice of my grandmother whispers
“The moon and stars are going to bed now”
The magic is going, going, gone
I must do this again
But why only on the porch in the dark.

I see the cats sitting on the window sill
In silence like meditating Buddha’s
They know, they always have
As sure as the sun is rising
The secret is not in the doing
It’s in the being.


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I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on October 29, 2012. These are my thoughts on Parkinson's and a variety of subjects.

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