Changes One Nimbus

 3768548001_efcd8b6af7_z“Turn and face the strange Ch-ch-changes,”                   -David Bowie

You think you know why you’re leaving, but maybe the real reason is not the same as what you think is causing you to leave. You haven’t a clue in your linear world as your reasoning is temporal in thinking but the cause is spatial. Its’ a secret echoing through the heavens and it shows itself in every form in the tangible realm… the red-tailed hawk you saw sitting calmly on the branches of a Laurel oak… the Celtic gateway. The doe and her fawn by the river’s edge prevailed upon you a longing you couldn’t comprehend, just as Rama’s consort Sita longs for a mythical golden deer. The blue heron and his mate you suddenly noticed flying over the icy waters of Lake Lynn; a liminal bird of crossing thresholds. Each is whispering your secret, a secret known to all except you. 

 Maybe your leaving is your coming home to an unknown sum of everything you’ve been up until the time of departure? Still, what you think is calling isn’t what’s really calling. The universe is wearing a disguise and its’ fooling you into thinking that mere mortals have that kind of power. If you would stop dwelling on it, the answer will come. Just nod and wink and pay homage to the Divine wearing sunglasses at the corner store outside by the curb.

So why do you question? Yes, this is all very unexpected and threatening to your status quo. But even if you stay, someone has to turn up the volume and get you humming a new tune.  Hi de ho.


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