A Winters Morning

112805957.rM5y4wLfThe darkest stretch of night is just before the dawn. So one cannot help but be enthralled by the silent majesty in a cold dark winters morning; Brother Moon sits overhead in a pool of stars with Venus, the Virgo queen, in her disguise as the morning star, hovering close behind just as the eastern horizon gives birth to the first panes of light emerging from the sun.

One such morning, I noticed a thin line of clouds that lay in the sky and as the new-born light appeared the clouds became a boundary between the light and the dark. It seemed I could have entered into each of these worlds upon request. And these same clouds turned a fiery orange as the corona of the sun crept into the horizon and seemed to burn away into the hemisphere.


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I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on October 29, 2012. These are my thoughts on Parkinson's and a variety of subjects.

4 thoughts on “A Winters Morning”

  1. Beautiful imagery created by your words. Reminds me of when I was in college and liked to stay up until dawn. Now, I’m more likely to wake up well before the sun rises. I need to take the time to experience a sunrise and the day spreading over me slowly.

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  2. Thanks for the comments and the “like”. One thing positive about having Parkinson’s is it teaches you to do away with all the stress in your life. The more stress, the more tremor and then everything follows suite. So I try to live in the moment and give myself enough time to do everything so as to avoid stress and in that time you create you get to really notice everything. And it was there all along… waiting for me to show up.


  3. I remember years ago I heard a quote by Leonardo da Vinci, “To be an artist one must study the lines of nature”, as nature is the master artist. And then another quote, “the universe (nature) seeks to know itself through our eyes.” It’s like we are the translators, we take nature’s lines (creativity) and give it meaning whether you are a painter, writer, musician or an Astrophysics. And that meaning gives us meaning as we are nature also, just as we are the universe. It’s all connected. I hope I’m making sense. And so I thank you for such a lovely compliment. I hope to always earn such words. 🙂


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